Closing Ceremony 🚩

The closing ceremony is held at August 30th 2019 at UIC College of Teacher Education.

The rundown of the ceremony:

  1. Invocation : Ella Mae Luyao
  2. Singing of National Anthem (Indonesian and Philippine Anthem)
  3. Welcome Address : Dr. Lolly Jean C. Simbulas (Dean of the College of the Teacher Education
  4. Presentation of the SEAMEO Participants
  5. Showcase of Talents :
  • Indonesian Traditional Dance : Paddupa Dance (Tanty Ramadhanty) dan Pa’gellu Dance (Rosalina Agustin Pairi)
  • Indonesian Song : Ampar-Ampar Pisang and Anak Kambing Saya (Rima Rizky Ambarwati and Nisa)
  1. Message : Dr. Sonia S. Morales (Internationalization and External Relation Officer)
  2. Impression of the Participants : SEAMEO Batch 8 Participants
  3. ICDT and IME Presentation: Mr. Rene M. Babiera (BPE, ICDT and IME, Sports Coordinator)
  4. Awarding of Certificates Giving of Tokens : Dr. Jo-Ann Y. Solomon, Dr. Lolly Jean C. Simbulas, Dr. Sonia S. Morales
  5. Memories of Treasure
  6. Community Dance : Mr. Ronell C. Cervera
  7. Closing Remarks : Dr. Jo-Ann Y. Solomon (Vice President of Academics)
  8. Closing Prayer : Lord Elvince Zamora (Governor, CTE)
  9. University Hymn :

Masters of Ceremony (Ms. Gretchie T. Castanares and Dr. Virgion H. Mamonong


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