Teaching Practice #4 đź“˘

1. Procedures of teaching

1) Introduction

Before starting the class, I ask the prayer leader to help me lead the pray. After that I greet them by saying “Good Morning Class”. The students’ response will be “Good Morning Miss Rima and Miss Lumantas”. Then we prepare for the next lesson or learning process. For myself, I turn on the LCD and make sure that the television is displaying my presentation (PPT) properly. The students get ready to receive the material.

2) Warming-up Activities

Before stating the next topic, I ask the students to recall what was the last topic.

Teacher’s talk:

“May I know what was our last topic? (Different Text Types) What are they? (Descriptive, Narrative, Expository, Persuasive) Very Good.”

Then I ask the students to pay attention to the GIFs in the presentation. They need to complete the sentences below it.

Possible answers: 1. Angrily , 2. Slowly

Teacher’s talk:

“Based on those two words, angrily and slowly, what do you think our next topic is? (Adverb). Very good. Our next topic is adverbs and its types. But before that, at the end of the discussion I want you to answer this question. Everybody read the question.

Very good. Those question will be answered by you later after discussion. Let’s proceed to watch a video about adverb”

3) Main Activities

After that I showed a video about adverbs (what is an adverb, the types and the examples).

Below is the link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILzMvSd1FQ&t=91s

Later when the video is finished, I ask the students to give summaries about the video.

Teacher’s talk:

“What is an adverb? (Possible answers) Okay then if you want to spot an adverb, there are five questions that will help you. What are they? (When, Where, Why, To what extent/degree, How often). Very good. Based on those five questions, can you mention the types of adverbs? (Adverb of time, Adverb of place, Adverb of degree, Adverb of manner, and Adverb of frequency).

The students will participate by giving another example about the types of adverbs. Each person who give the correct example will be given 10 points.

After delivering the material, I ask the students if there are any question regarding the topic.

4) Group Activities

I divided the class into five groups (the Cleaners group). Each group has different task according to the five basic types of adverbs.

The students have 10 minutes to complete their task. After that they will chose a representative to present their work in front of the class.

5) Closing Activity

The students will try to answer the guide and essential questions showed by the teacher in the beginning of the class.

Lastly, I ask the prayer leader to lead the pray. I greet them goodbye.

2. Time management and organizing activities

My cooperating teacher said that I have a good time management. She suggested me to move fast from one part to another. In delivering the materials, make sure that the students understand everything. I ask them questions like “Do you understand?, Got it?, Is it clear?, Any questions?, etc.”

My cooperating teacher advises me to use timer (video 10 minutes timer) in the group activities. Why? Because the students will be more disciplined with the time if they can see directly the times left in the screen rather than reminded by the teacher. However, I still remind them about the remaining time occasionally.

3. Problem-solving

For every problem I have in doing the teaching practice, I discussed it with my cooperating teacher, Ms. Lumantas. For example, it will be more effective if each group in group discussion has different task rather than the same. It will make the students more engage and not get bored in the learning process.

4. Classroom management

In managing the classroom and handling the students, I always make sure that the students are quiet and cooperative. If they are making noise I would say “Minimize your voice, please”. When delivering the materials, I will ask questions such as “Do you understand?, Is it clear?” to make sure that the students understand the topic. I also encouraged the students that not actively participate in the classroom. During the group activity, I will roam around to make sure that every member in the group is doing their job to complete the task.

5. Others

Here is the student’s work:


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