The Pink School 🌸

General Information and Academic Administration of University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) Basic Education Department #1 🏫

1. School profile

Basic Education Department- Junior High School Unit

University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) is a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning in Davao City, Philippines. It is known as Pink Campus. It is administered by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM Sisters). Was established on 1905, UIC committed to all their human resources to transform the members of the UIC family to become enlightened, empowered, pro-active and liberated Christian leaders living in a humane and harmonious community for love of God and love of country.

The UIC has three separate campuses: the Fr. Selga (Main) campus, Bonifacio (Annex) campus and Bajada (Basic Education) campus. The Main campus is located at Father Selga St., Davao City along Pichon Street. It houses the departments of information technology, nursing, medical technology, music, nutrition & dietetics, pharmacy, and the Graduate School. The Annex campus is located at Bonifacio St. This houses the colleges of Business and Governance, Engineering, Education, and Liberal Arts. Lastly, the Bajada campus (located at Bajada) houses the grade school and high school (where I have my internship).

Immaculate Heart Building Junior High School


A globally recognized Catholic University that nurtures faith, builds passion for excellence and develops lifelong learners with compassion for service that impacts transformation in a fast-changing society.


We commit ourselves to:

  1. Provide an excellent educational experience to students to help them become globally competitive and adaptive to change;
  2. Inculcate among students the values of serving others with humility and love’ working for justice, promoting peace, and preserving the integrity of creation;
  3. Engage in research activities in collaboration with local, regional, national, and international partners;
  4. Uphold the dignity of the persons especially the poor;
  5. Promote and strengthen our Filipino culture and values.

Translating the UIC Vision and Mission through the LEADS Concept

LEADS stand for:




Develop Character


The Shapes System

The curricular offerings, co-curricular programs and extracurricular activities shall be built on the SHAPES system based on the following beliefs:

Start where you are

Harness what you have

Acquire new knowledge and skills

Reserve your Filipino values and resources

Share your learnings

1.2 Academic Support System

UIC provided good facilities for the students. There are three buildings in UIC Basic Education Department that houses three different level of education, Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School. I was assigned in the Immaculate Heart Building for the Junior High School. Each classroom consists of 45 students (some less than it) with LCD, ceiling fans, board, and comfortable chair. If the students need to print their task, there is also a photocopy machine and printer in the lobby near of the faculty room. The canteen in UIC also serve kinds of delicious foods, snacks, and candies. The menu always changes each day. It is very comfortable for recess.

Here are the lists:

  • Library
  • Audio-Visual Room (AVR)
  • Science, Biology and Chemistry Laboratories
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Speech Laboratory
  • Guidance Center
  • Auditorium
  • Mother Ignacia Gymnasium
  • Prayer Room
  • Clinic
  • School Canteen
  • Internet Access
  • School Bus

1.3 Teaching System

The UIC High School Department, recognized as a Secondary School of Excellence, continues to meet the challenge to maintain and strengthen its academic and non-academic performance and sustain its achievements over the years.

To ensure this, LEADS and SHAPES, an innovative and transformative system of instructional delivery has been introduced, cascading the school’s vision and mission and integrating Ignacian core and related values in all instructional classes and integration activities.

Students and faculty are reminded constantly of these imperatives through a LEADS prayer before the start of a class or activity and the SHAPES Prayer at the end of a class or activity. These prayers also help them imbibe more meaningfully the Vision, Mission, and Goal of the University.

​Under this program, UIC High School aims to be the premier pre-college education provider in Region XI under the K to 12 program, forming graduates to be Leaders with Character. Towards this, the High School Department is focused on faculty development with emphasis on the teacher as curriculum leader, as keenly as it is on its student activity and development program.

“UIC adapts 5 days learning (Monday to Friday). Time allotment for each subject is one hour (60 minutes). There is also an advisory time (30 minutes) where the advisor will check the class and discipline them for cleanliness, uniform, etc. The subjects in this school are Science, AP (Araling Panlipunan), TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education), English, CLVED, MAPEH, Filipino, Math, and Robotics. Below is my mentor’s schedule and mine :”

Class Schedule

1.4 Materials and other learning sources

The teachers in this school teach the materials based on the core curriculum of K-12. Teachers and students have the same book (textbook and workbook) for each subject. The book for English subject is Gonzales (2017) “Essential English: Worktext Literature and Language Grade 9”. For additional resources, the teacher may find another material in the internet such as international journal, youtube, etc.

1.5 Measurement and evaluation system

There are two kinds of examination, monthly and periodical examination. Monthly examination will be held every month and periodical examination will be held at the end of each quarter. In total there are 4 periodical examination because there are 4 quarters in a year.

How to score:

                                                                             Ave                CG

  • with highest                                                    98-100             85
  • with high                                                         95-97               85
  • with honors                                                     90-94               85

1.6 Curriculum

UIC High School teachers have also prepared for the intensified application of the UbD Framework and the initial implementation of the K to 12 program by undergoing the training, “Curricular Visioning and Benchmarking” that puts emphasis on the teacher as a curriculum leader. The training’s lecture-workshop construct enhances teaching effectives.

The training initiative is an innovative approach to re-tool the faculty to effect curricular change and to expand learning opportunities. The teachers productively engage in the workshop activities, leading to a review of the Development Program on Instruction.

1.7 Teaching plan (of your major)

Here is the sample of the teaching plan by Ms. Lumantas.

The teaching plan consists of:

a. Subject Area/Level

  • Unit Topic
  • Date
  • Quarter No.

b. Transfer Goal

c. Essential Understanding

d. Essential Question

I. Preliminaries

  • Review:
  • Focus:
  • Motivation:
  • APK:

II. Lesson Development

  1. Presentation of Concept
  2. Broadening of Concept
  3. Integration
  • Ignacian Core/ Related Values
  • Social Orientation
  • Lesson Across Discipline
  • Biblical Reflection

III. Evaluation Assessment


  1. S-ummary
Today, I
learned __________
  1. M-eaning

Based on this, I realized ____________

  1. A-ction

From now on, I will______________  

V. Purposive Assignment/ Enrichment

  1. References
  2. Instructional Materials/ Visual Aids

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