Friday, 16 August 2019 ~~ Eden Resort and Malagos

This day is the Kadayawan Day so it is a public holiday. The first place to go is Eden Nature Park and Resort. I go there with Ma’am Pregua, Ma’am Simbulas, the other sea-teacher participants (Rosa, Tanty, and Nisa), and our buddies (Michaellah, Lord, Grace, and Hanifah). Since it is located at the slope of Mount Tolomo, the view is dazzling. It is marked by cool crisp mountain air and the spectacular views of pine trees which exquisitely blend well with its background. It all green. 😀

We take a lot of pictures since there are many interesting spots there. Here is some of the photos:

The next destination is Malagos. Malagos is a 12-hectare nature theme park in Davao. Here, we can get to discover bird species and feed them directly with our own hands at the bird feeding dome.

Another thing to do in Malagos is watching the animal show. In this show, there are a lot of genius animal that performed and entertained us.

Last but not least, we can also see how chocolate is being made in the Chocolate Factory. The fun fact is that Malagos is the home of the first chocolate museum in the Philippines.

From left to right (Rosa, Grace, Mikaella, Rima, Nisa, Tanty, Ma’am Simbulas, Ma’am Pregua, Hanifah)

At the end of the day, we held a surprise party for my friends, Rosa who had birthdays at 17 August. Happy Birthday Rosa!!

24 August 2019 ~~ Samal Island Hoping


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